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SB 272 establishing a parents’ bill of rights in education. FAILED TO PASS NH HOUSE

This bill is explicit about singling out trans students for surveillance in schools and outing them without considering the potential consequences from unaffirming parents.

HB 619  prohibiting gender transition procedures for minors, relative to sex and gender in public schools, and relative to the definition of conversion therapy. This bill was retained in committee, meaning it won’t come up for a vote until January of next year.

HB 417 relative to the definition of child abuse. FAILED TO PASS NH House. This bill defined gender affirming care as child abuse.

HB 10 establishing the parental bill of rights. NH House parental bill of rights enabling forced outing of trans children. The bill was tabled

HB 596 Preventing Racial Profiling RE-REFERRED TO COMMITTEE IN SENATE

SB 132 prohibiting cities and towns from adopting sanctuary policies. LAYED ON THE TABLE NH HOUSE


HB 88 relative to reproductive rights. FAILED TO PASS NH SENATE This bill provides that the state shall not restrict a woman’s exercise of her private decision to terminate a pregnancy except as provided in RSA 329:43 – 329:50 and RSA 132:32 – 132:36. This bill passed the NH House and defeated in the NH Senate 14-10 ITL.

HB224 repealing the criminal and civil penalties from the fetal life protection act. This bill repeals the criminal and civil penalties for violation of the fetal life protection act, which restricts access to abortion procedures after 24 weeks. This bill passed the NH House and was defeated in the NH Senate.


HB56 relative to permits for the siting of new landfills. FAILED TO PASS NH SENATE

HB139 Passed the House and Senate awaiting action from the Governor A bill that would allow people from different municipalities to be part of a municipal host’s energy project.

HB 208 Climate Action Plan A bill establishing a climate action plan and emission reduction goals. FAILED TO PASS NH HOUSE

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